Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Object Book - Festival within a festival

Been busy promoting some events for Object Book's 'bookish' festival. It was mainly part of the #E17ArtTrail but is still going on... Catch their 'Library Rave' this Sat 1st July at South Chingford Community Library. More details here.

Participants had loads of fun at the Art Trail preview night, trying out taster sessions of the events to come. The library rave & edible books went down a treat! 

The workshop 'Choose Your Own Adventure Quilt' was open to all, and combined digital design with an alien story that you could change the direction of, at any time. The designs were then printed onto fabric and stitched together to make a quilt... 

Book Flick Night combined a film-screening of Fahrenheit 451 with the chance to make your own thermal matchbox books to burn!

An art workshop was held at Chingford festival, where people were helped to make their own unique book jewellery!

'Scratch Off The Page' involved live performance art, exploring graphic scores & experimental scripts. The resulting exhibition pieces were displayed in the Object Book studio.     

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